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10 Entertaining Ideas for Events that Keep Attendees Entertained

10 Entertaining Ideas for Events that Keep Attendees Entertained

10 entertaining ideas for events that keep attendees entertained. Discover the best entertainment ideas for events that surprise and delight attendees, providing a memorable experience.

Often overlooked by organizers, entertainment at events can take the attendee experience to the next level. With interesting activities or programs, entertainment makes the event interesting and engages attendees throughout the event.

In addition, entertainment programs can be one of the main themes during and after your event. That’s right, entertainment isn’t limited to live events but fits in virtual and hybrid formats, if you choose the HR model in your business. In fact, entertainment can be more personalized in virtual events. Organizers can provide content tracks with different entertainment options, giving attendees more options.

10 Entertaining Ideas for Events that Keep Attendees Entertained

And, if you’re hosting a team-building event, entertainment is more than just a reward. This is an essential part of the occasion, helping to strengthen relationships and lift employee morale. However, leisure time will complement your event agenda. Keep the overall goals of the event in mind and consider whether the entertainment fits the event’s brand.

Also, analyze the demographics and psychographics of your audience, taking into account the type of entertainment they want to experience. Ask your event audience directly, with pre-event surveys that will guide you in choosing entertainment ideas for your event.

To help you choose from a multitude of options, here we outline some of the most popular entertainment ideas for events that are sure to surprise and delight your attendees.

How do you entertain guests at an event?

Caricatures and sketches

First, hiring a cartoonist is a fun entertainment idea for events, as attendees often enjoy watching artists produce art in real-time. In addition, it will give many attendees something to remember and share with others.

You might also consider hiring a virtual editor. Artists can sketch live your virtual event session, visually conveying key ideas and lessons learned, and engaging your audience.

Live music and DJ

Next, hosting musical performances with live bands or DJs is a classic entertainment idea for events.

Sure, they’re a surefire way to cheer the crowd during an event break or after the event.

If you’re hosting virtual events, you can think globally and introduce attendees to regional cultures or musical genres. For example, a band bossa nova – a Brazilian musical genre – can add flair to your event and surprise attendees.


A comedian can bring much-needed humor to your event, making the atmosphere more fun and relaxed. Whether between sessions or after the event, a comedian will bring a playful touch to the event and attendees will always be left laughing.

Magicians and psychologists

Magicians can become one of the most entertaining ideas for events, as they are curious and can easily engage the audience.

Likewise, psychiatrists can provide enigmatic and interactive experiences, engage audiences, and perform mind readings, and illusions.

Fortune teller

At the same time, a fortune teller is certainly entertaining among event attendees. If you’re hosting a virtual event, don’t worry! Fortune-tellers like Amelie Appleby can read palm readings from a distance and surprise your audience with optimism.

Photo booth

Photo booths are another popular entertainment idea for events between organizers and attendees. They add elegance to events while providing a beautiful backdrop for attendees to capture the moment upon arrival.

And they’re not limited to live events, as organizers can also set up virtual photo booths. In addition, attendees can customize their selfies with a variety of virtual backgrounds, and organizers can overlay their event branding. 

Mixed course

A bartending class is an innovative way to delight your event attendees with an interactive experience they’ll remember.

Consider hiring a bartender who is an expert but also a great entertainer like Rachael Green, so that attendees learn how to make delicious cocktails and enjoy a fun virtual event experience.

Virtual city tour

For travel enthusiasts, a virtual city tour is the perfect way to relax after virtual events.

Guided by a local, participants can enjoy the highlights of a city like Barcelona or New York from the comfort of their own homes.

Food and wine experience

Food and wine experiences are great entertainment ideas for events, strengthening relationships between attendees during a relaxing time. For example, you can set up a virtual wine-tasting experience where you send special wines to your guests and taste them together.

Alternatively, you can host private cooking classes, with a professional chef teaching your attendees how to prepare dishes like tacos or paella.

Or, to make your event stand out, you could offer a taste discovery experience where attendees explore their taste profiles and find out what excites their taste buds.

Games and contests

Finally, hosting gamified or game-playing contests is a great way to energize and motivate your audience. Playing games can calm the mood and strengthen relationships with attendees, from quizzes to scavenger hunts to immersive escape rooms.

What to do at the company party

Although a corporate party may seem boring at first, there’s no reason to do so. Corporate crowds can be hard to please, but there are plenty of ways to make sure attendees have a great time.

Event planners can set up activities for great corporate parties, such as playing interactive games, taking a bartending class, and taking fun photos in the booth image.

Whatever your entertainment choice, create an atmosphere where guests can temporarily disconnect from work duties and enjoy a big occasion.

In addition, create opportunities to exchange and integrate so that everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other. In this sense, networked roulette is the tool of your choice, allowing participants to connect in speed-dating-style encounters.

If you’re hosting a virtual event, check out our list of cool virtual event ideas for team events and meetings. 

5 secrets to organizing corporate cultural events

Know your audience

First, understanding the audience for your event is paramount. Information about attendees’ ages, interests, interests, hobbies or fans can provide you with important insights into the type of corporate event entertainment they are likely to enjoy.

Also, keep your crowd size in mind. Live music or stand-up comedy might be the best option for large crowds. Small groups will appreciate more interactive activities where everyone can get to know each other and actively participate in the game or show.

Creative thinking

Next, don’t be afraid to experiment. Be creative and think outside the box. What can you offer that will surprise your guests? Attending formal corporate events may be appropriate, but consider going beyond the norm – surprising attendees with something they’ve never experienced before.

Engage participants

In addition to exercising a creative mindset, think about participatory event animation. Indeed, engaging your attendees as participants rather than just spectators will make the event more engaging. Your event will turn from a simple undertaking into a memorable experience. A great way to make your corporate event interactive is to play quizzes, which include questions about your company’s event culture or knowledge of your company. Alternatively, you can invite guests onto the stage to share their personal stories or participate in a magic show.

Prepare food and drink

One of the biggest reasons people attend corporate events is the food and drinks offered. So plan accordingly and provide quality food and drink at your event. Above all, keep in mind the different food preferences and allergies of your attendees. Ask your guests to provide this information on your event registration form to make it easier for you.

Evaluate schedule and budget

When planning your event’s entertainment, consider the event’s schedule and budget in your decision-making process. The entertainment ideas we’ve listed here can vary considerably in price. Before making an expensive choice, get some quotes from entertainment companies and evaluate a range of options within a realistic budget.

If you’re not sure if you can set an event budget, read our step-by-step guide to event budgets for virtual and hybrid events.


Event planning is not rocket science; However, it takes time and research to do well. Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of good event planning, and planning your entertainment takes time, money, and effort 카지노사이트. There are many more interesting things; Entertainment should match the occasion you’re celebrating.